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Eye Pillows That Let You Skip The Scent When You’re Stuck With A Migraine

Eye pillows have been known to assist with rest and relaxation and make wonderful gifts, however what if you suffer from migraines, facial nerve pain or scent sensitivities? For this large percent of people suffering from these conditions we've added an unscented eye pillow to our collection. 

This new Unscented Eye Pillow we’ve added to our collection lives up to our all natural and eco-friendly standards. The outside slip cover is hand sewn and is made out of soft linen that is available in four stylish colors. Each eye pillow is filled with flax seed that’s sourced from a local California farm, and is free from any synthetic ingredients. The weight of the flax seed filling provides natural migraine relief, and can rid of puffy eyes or skin inflammation. If you want to increase the effectiveness, heating or cooling the eye pillow also provides skin soothing effects. We decided to make an Unscented Eye Pillow after personally struggling with sensitivity to fragrances while having migraines, a phenomenon that has also been backed by medical studies done by the National Institute of Health.The best part is that even though our unscented eye pillows are free from any synthetic or natural fragrances we’ve also created a scented balm for when you want to reap the benefits of aromatherapy.

Our new Aromatic Balms work great when used with or without our Unscented Eye Pillow. The Aromatic Balm comes in three natural scents derived from essential oils; Chamomile, Lavender, and Eucalyptus & Mint. The benefits of aromatherapy have been reported on by medically-reviewed media sources such as Healthline, who writes, “Aromatherapy has an array of benefits. It’s said to:manage pain, improve sleep quality, reduce stress, agitation, and anxiety, soothe sore joints, treat headaches and migraines [...]”. Each individual essential oil has their own unique benefits. The light and floral scent and feel of chamomile essential oil can calm your mood as well as have a soothing effect on skin rashes or blemishes. Lavender essential oil also has a floral smell, but with a deeper and more rich body; Lavender essential oil is said to have relaxing effects on mood that may help with stress relief. If you’re looking for a more refreshing spa day then the poignant scent of eucalyptus and mint essential oils can help with decongestion as well as invigorating your mood.

Check out both our unscented eye pillows and aromatic balm available to purchase in the Ardent Goods shop.

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