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Packaging and COVID-19

The global pandemic has had an impact on many areas of our everyday items, roles and business functions. As consumers and employees begin to re enter the retail in store environment, retailers will start to think of creative ways to avoid harboring this virus on surfaces and product. 

One time use packaging is helpful for avoiding harboring the virus on products, the challenge or should I say responsibility is to find circular packaging that can either be reused or composted. 

As online shopping and in home deliveries become the norm and will likely remain in demand after the shelter in place is lifted businesses find having to ship and package products  with materials that would not have been used in their brick and mortar. Finding ways to re use packing or eco friendly product cushioning has been challenging. 

With all of our sales coming from online sales, local drop off and shipped, we've updated packaging of our compostable body balm containters with plastic containers. The trade off from a compostable container to a recyclable contatiner wasn't as simple as picking which color we wanted to switch to, the switch included researching the type of plastic our new containers are made of (#5) and whether they could be recycled curbside (yes they can). 

In preparation of our in store experience coming back (someday) we've thought about now having our entire back stock out, rather only samples to view and explore. Our once zero waste soap bar will be in cardstock, compostable box containers and will be stored behind the counter. 

Sustainable packaging is so much more than the design, it requires thought, new learnings and research. Our packaging requires planning and response to unforseen consequences, our goal is always circular packaging.

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