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Shopify vs. Square

Woo Hoo, we have our journal back. Why oh why did it go away? Well when we expanded our online offering to a brick and mortar last year we decided to also switch our online shop to Square's online platform (weebly). Unfortunately Weebly does not have a Blog option or a plug in to add a blog. 

Why did I choose to use Square both in store and online? First, square is an amazing tool for merchants with a brick and mortar. I was able to sell in person effeciently, capture customer information if they chose, track inventory and most amazingly add on a payroll option and timecard keeping for employees. Honestly I barely lifted a finger...kidding. My brick and mortar experience with square was honestly amazing. Online is a whole other story. Weebly limits what you're able to customize on your website. But inventory is automatically populated into your online store from your account, so convenience is what sold me...initially. 

Here we are, pivoting back to online only until we feel it's safe to open in person again. Not only were we making horrible first impressions with our direct online shoppers, since we've expanded into the world of wholesalers it was importatnt that we make a good first impression with our website to future vendors and wholesale marketplaces. We decided it was time to switch back to shopify. 

Whether or not we decide to include shopify as our POS (point of sale) for our future brick and mortar, not sure yet. Shopify has introduced a new POS system for brick and mortars, so we'll be testing it out and we'll update you to let you know what we decide. 

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