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Ardent Goods

Do Good Sponge Set


An excellent sponge to use while cleaning dishes, countertops, window seals, baseboards. An essential cleaning tool in any home. One side is handmade of linen, the other is 2 layers of untreated burlap. 

*Pair with our non toxic dish soap, sold separately.  If you are in need of a scrubber for pots, this brush works great. 

See more details below.

As with any sponge, make sure to let dry between use to avoid mildew. Machine wash regularly.

Filled with untreated cotton, NOT poly fill (see comparison in pictures). Poly fill (even recycled poly fill) cannot be recycled again and is not a compostable fiber. 

Linen and cotton are super absorbant fibers, the do good sponge will not stay "fluffy" when wet and will not perform in the same way that a synthetic, plastic or poly filled sponge will. 



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Reduce + Reuse

We try to apply sustainable and eco friendly values within our products and business practices, whenever possible. For packages with glass, or breakables, you may receive shipping peanuts or plastic air cushioning in your shipment. Please know that we choose to reuse shipping elements that we have saved from our ingredient and fiber bulk deliveries. We’d prefer to reuse shipping supplies versus discard them, only to buy new shipping supplies for our outgoing shipments.

In some cities, shipping peanuts are not recyclable, often your local shipping supply store such as UPS will gladly accept the donation to use in their outgoing shipments. 

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Our Promise

We've chosen quality, natural ingredients and materials for our products. We use them in our own homes with our families, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 

Do Good Sponge Set