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Desert Provisions

Craft Salt


Desert Provisions‘ unrefined, solar-dried sea salt is rich in minerals and trace elements, giving it a distinctive depth of flavor and pleasing texture. Lower in sodium than table salt, this grocery favorite is great for cooking and an ideal finishing salt for any dish. Harvested from a pristine estuary where the Sonoran desert meets the Sea of Cortez, the salt bears traces of its journey down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Enjoy on veggies, meats, salads, eggs, and so much more.

Sea Salt, New Mexico Red Chiles

Sea Salt 

No anti caking agents used, clumping may occur since the salt is in it's natural form.

Our Promise

We've chosen quality, natural ingredients and materials for our products. We use them in our own homes with our families, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 

Craft Salt