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Sustainable Living

Eco Friendly Kitchen + Countertop Everyday Essentials

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Shower Aromatics

Bring that Spa Feeling to Your Shower

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Poly & Plastic Free

Buy a reusable sponge for every room

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Lifestyle Goods

Our focus is creating intentional living goods, by sourcing sustainable textiles, ingredients and packaging. Products that focus on form and function for everyday living that are ethical and aesthetically pleasing.

Botanical Self Care

Made with supportive energy to inspire relaxation and restore balance and wellbeing.

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"A non-client test evaluating the effectiveness of solid dish soap against comparative liquid dish soaps ..."

INDEPENDENT LAB TESTING ON AG DISH SOAP TURI | Toxics Use Reduction Institute @ UMass Lowell

Unsolicited Features

High-Quality, Eco-Friendly Goods. "In a time when everyone is searching for sustainable products that are just as effective as their chemical-filled counterparts, we admire Ardent, a family-owned business..."

"...handmade wellness products and beautifully designed home goods..."

“We found the most effective tools for tidying and they’re easy on the eyes.”

"Sustainably made -reusable and washable for long-lasting use"

"It’s not easy being a host, and it’s not easy picking out the perfect gift for one either. This (gift) box solves that problem."


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