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The Team

It takes a village to bring ag to life, get to know our team.

This Is Us

ar·dent/ˈärdnt/adjective : enthusiastic or passionate

why the name, ardent?

We began our journey as a business at open air markets in 2010. Christina had mounds of costume jewelry passed down from her grandmother and began making recycled vintage jewelry pieces. The idea of making new treasured one of a kind pieces by repurposing was exciting. Vending at markets for both Christina and Johna continued as a hobby. After the birth of her youngest in 2013, Christina suffered from vestibular migraines and trigimenal neuralgia. Attempting to avoid medications, using natural options inspired our earliest products, unscented eye pillow and weighted wrap. Johna’s passion has always been cooking. Whether a cut or a burn in the kitchen, she’s used natural remedy balms to help heal her wounds. This became the inspiration for development of another early piece, the Sana Sana Botanical Balm. After opening our brick and mortar in 2019, Johna developed our solid dish soap and Christina decided to offer the dish soap poured into a ramekin. Our customers loved the concept so much we couldn't keep it on the shelves. All of our products have always started from a need of our own. Sustainability has been a gradual lifestyle change within our homes, well before the fruition of our business. When deciding to share our wellness goods we wanted to infuse our passions of great design, sustainability and essential functionality in each of our products.  Our goal is to continue to let our passions drive our products to continue to create unique, sustainable, essential lifestyle goods for everyone to enjoy. 

Our Philosophy

We create products that aim to reduce waste and include great design. Choosing non-toxic all natural ingredients has always been our main priority, and we’ve kept to that standard by using essential oils, carcinogen-free fragrance oils, botanicals and other nourishing natural ingredients. We design products that are natural and clean and meant to be used again and again. Our packaging is always either multiple use or is recyclable or biodegradable.

Doing Good

When creating a product we use the following criteria: 1) Can the product be used in different ways? 2) Packaging is either biodegradable or compostable or can be used multiple times for various purposes 3) Responsible, non toxic ingredients and sustainable textiles.

Design Focused

While there are several sustainable options in the market currently, which is amazing. We wanted to offer not just a sustainable product, but also maintain a high level focus on design. An eco friendly product that would sit on your kitchen counter and work overtime as a conversation piece.

Small Batch

Though at times challenging, all of the goods under the ardent goods brand name are made in house and still in small batches. This allows us to continue to produce a fresh, well made, superior product that we can constantly improve upon.


Why Does It Matter?

Why is it important to invest in products that are sold in biodegradable or compostable containers? First things first, it takes plastic 400 years to degrade. According to a publication by National Geographic, only nine percent of recyclable plastic is being recycled. The rest is left to degrade for the next 400 years in landfills. The next best option is packaging that can quickly biodegrade like our Wood Conditioner or Cast Iron Seasoning poured in Kraft containers or Shower Steamers in biodegradable bags. If we have to use packaging that won’t be reused, we choose packaging that will quickly degrade, unlike plastic. 

Why we love

Circular Design

While everyone tries their best every year ditching plastic straws and opting for more eco-friendly alternatives for their everyday lives, the most major positive impact happens when entire industries adopt more eco-friendly practices. When we all think about the lifecycle of an item and can we choose to repurpose that same item. Our Dish Soap was our first product in this arena. Solid dish soap versus liquid dish soap, inherently rids the consumption of a plastic bottle. Our dish soap in a copper colored bowl or white porcelain bowl allows the consumer to either refill the bowl, or repurpose the bowl. Another one of our products that have multiple lives would be our candles that come in a French designed oven safe bowl. They began as a candle, once the candle burns away the user can remove the remaining wax and continue to use the bowl for salads, fruit or chowders. 

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Where it started

The Brick & Mortar

It began with the shop and an amazing staff (like really amazing) and equally fabulous community of customers. Covid struck, we were forced to shut down and began our e-commerce shop.

How it's Going

The Ecommerce

With pivoting to an ecommerce after Covid, we grew online quickly, moving from our 200sf spare room to a 3,000 square foot warehouse. Not only did our direct to consumer grow, our B2B distribution has grown. We are now in all US states with over 600 beloved small business stockists. We've recently had the pleasure to work with 3 luxury hotels as their amenities supplier and create bespoke work for various luxury spas. We've been featured by Anthropoloige, Free People, Remodelista and Real Simple. Loving what we do and who we work with!


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"We're up late making soap after the kids have gone to sleep...but I love it."

- Christina