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Why the name "Ardent"


adjective | enthusiastic or passionate.

We offer a collection of essential lifestyle goods carefully designed with form and function in mind. We're passionate about incorporating sustainable elements into our goods.

Our mission is to create products that first and foremost work well and are also beautiful. We hope to inspire more people to add earth friendly every day goods to their homes.

Photography by Racelle Campanelli

A Family Business

Christina began her entrepreneurship in 2015 when her two youngest children were in preschool and kindergarten. Ardent Goods was introduced in 2019, after distribution to over 200 retailers within the US and Canada began, her mom and husband joined the family business. Together they manufacture and ship from their warehouse, located in the Bay Area of California.

The Ardent Goods Brand Can be seen here.

Shipping Sustainably

We use kraft paper + padding and corrugated cardboard padding so that all of our shipping components can quickly biodegrade or be recycled.

We choose to use USPS as our standard courier because of their commitment to sustainability. They have over 7,000 walking routes, helping reduce carbon emissions and their priority mail boxes meet the Sustainable Forestry Initiative ® or Forest Stewardship Council ® certification standards and include at least 30% recycled content. The post office delivers your mail every day, why add another courier/more carbon emissions to the mix?

Reduce and Reuse when possible.