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What's in a year?

The beginning of last year involved ways our operation planned to improve our overall carbon footprint. We were able to meet many of our goals, every change has made a difference. The challenge has been finding a balance between form, function, cost and keeping to our earth friendly packaging values. 

Not much has changed with our ongoing goals and efforts in the past year. You'll start to see a few changes in the coming months as we navigate our way to the best receptacles for our products. While not overwhelming, the amount of broken glass in our wholesale and direct to consumer shipments this last quarter were enough to inspire us to start looking for a better alternative that best fit our goals. Glass is indeed a beautiful option to house many of our products, especially those that contain naturally beautiful botanicals. With glass comes extra padding, packaging and of course the cost to all of us when we have to reship a broken package.

According to 2018 EPA data, the best alternatives to glass is aluminum. 

While paperboard products are a great option, for liquids and meltable products, paperboard often arrives damaged.  Having to reship a package involves adding yet another package on the road, more shipping supplies, another all adds up. 

Our year ahead will involve sharpening up our tools in our current toolbox. Better packaging, better end use, better ingredients, better options for our customers, for the planet. 

We are grateful that you've joined our journey and hope to continue to see you in 2023. Have a safe and Happy New Year! 

The ardent goods team


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