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Why we use linen

Linen was found in a prehistoric cave in Georgia (the country) providing evidence that woven linen fabrics from wild flax were used some 36,000 years ago. Linen was so valued in ancient Egypt that it was used as currency in some cases.

You'll find many products that we make involve the use of linen. Our eye pillows, napkins, kitchen towels, pinafore aprons, bento bags, bowl wraps and heating pads are made with linen. 

Linen is a textile made from fibers of the flax plant which needs only rainwater to grow. Linen can be biodegradable or recycled, yet is strong, and absorbent and dries much quicker than cotton and unlike cotton is moth resistant. Linen absorbs moisture yet does not harnass bacteria, it's is a highly strong fabric and will outlast cotton.

As a textile, linen is inelastic and easy to break in the production process, for this reason is more expensive than cotton. However if you consider the lifetime value of linen, it's less expensive overall. 

The more you wash linen, the softer and more pliable it becomes. I throw my linen goods in with my regular loads of laundry and dry them just as I do with my regular laundry. No special treatment needed.

Because of the limited resources needed to grow the flax plant, the ablity to recycle or biodegrade linen making it a product with a circular or zero footprint. The extended lifetime provides our products made with linen years to enjoy. For these reasons we feel linen is the best eco friendly option for our sustainable products. We hope you'll enjoy our products made from this beautiful textile as much as we enjoy creating them. 

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