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Zoom Activated Charcoal Incense Cone Set
Zoom Activated Charcoal Incense Cone Set
Zoom Activated Charcoal Incense Cone Set

Activated Charcoal Incense Cone Set



Elevate your relaxation and purification rituals with our Activated Charcoal Cone Incense. Crafted with care, these cones feature activated charcoal for cleansing and come in various soothing scents. These incense cones burn slowly, minimize smoke and ash, making them perfect for meditation and relaxation. Handcrafted with eco-friendly materials, they're a stylish addition to your space. Create a serene atmosphere with this high-quality, artfully packaged incense. 

Cone can be burned on the lid for on the go convenience.

Need to know 

  • 28 cones 
  • Clean Fragrance 
  • Free of Alcohol 
  • Phthalate Free 
  • Clean Burning 

Why choose activated charcoal incense cones

Our incense cones are infused with high-quality activated charcoal, known for its exceptional purifying properties. As the cone burns, the activated charcoal works its magic, helping to absorb impurities and negative energies from your environment.

How to Use

Place the cone on the inside of the tin lid or a smudging bowl. Carefully light the top of the cone until it has a flame and blow the flame out leaving the smoldering ember behind. Never leave a burning cone unattended and keep away from draft or flammable items. Hand dipped charcoal incense cones. Burn time of cone is approximately 20 minutes, fragrance lingers for up to 24 hours.


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