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7 Reasons Why Buying Sustainable Goods Isn’t Just Good for the Planet, But for Your Family Too

Let’s be honest, buying sustainably made, ethically sourced home goods and decor usually comes at an extra cost whether that means spending more money or taking extra time to do the research. So why should we make the effort to buy sustainable and ethical home furnishings and goods?

Read below to find out why buying ethical and sustainable homeware is good for the world, and great for your family:

Reduce Waste & Carbon Footprint

Even if we’re doing all we can to reuse and recycle materials in our home, if we aren’t buying from sustainably sourced brands then we’re contributing to a much larger carbon footprint. Only 100 companies worldwide are contributors to upwards of %71 of global emissions, and big box stores have been proven to greatly contribute to water pollution and greater individual carbon emissions in any given community.

Support Small Business

While there are more incentives and participation in larger corporations to operate sustainably and ethically such receiving B Corp certification and community grants; big box retailers still are inherently ethically unsustainable at their rate of distribution and means of production. The bottom line is if you’re committing to shop sustainably and ethically all the way then shopping small business is the way to go.

Influence Market Growth for Artisan Made Goods

Shopping small business for your family encourages artisan made products, fair trade home goods, and sustainable homeware in ways that big box retailers can’t create and distribute on mass levels. At Ardent we commit to carrying a variety of artisan made, hand crafted goods and products for you and your family to enjoy.

Stay Safe From Harsh Chemicals and Toxins

The #ToxFree movement has been steadily gaining the attention of moms and eco-friendly home goods companies alike. Even major stores have been trying to manufacture products that are more environmentally friendly. However because big box companies must design products that have long shelf lives, these products still contain a good amount of harmful preservatives. 

Makers and brands that make products in small batches have the freedom of making products free of preservatives and harsh chemicals. Beauty and self-care products from our in-house brand are always committed to only using natural and safe ingredients, and you can find other brands at Ardent that also commit to bringing you eco-friendly sustainable home goods.

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