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Aromatics for your Shower

The most common question we receive is how do your shower steamers work? Think of a shower steamer square as a bath bomb for your shower. Place a square near your drain, on a shelf, soap dish or at the corner of your tub. When activated with a small amount of water, the shower steamer square starts to fizz and fill the steam inside your shower with aromatics derived purely from essential oils. 

Our Eucalyptus and Peppermint blend is particularly helpful in the winter for loosening congestion. 

The steamers work best in a small enclosed area. If you have a rather large shower, we suggest activating the square with water after your shower has filled with steam. Steamer squares are not magical, they are aromatic in nature and will discreetly fill your steam with the aroma of essential oil. They will not however magically transform your bathroom into a five star spa and resort. If only we could bottle that entire experience up and give it away - we would ;) 

Depending on the size of your shower, each square can last between 1-4 showers. The steamer squares are made from all natural ingredients that are also helpful for cleaning your drain. We recommend rinsing the steamer residue immediately after your shower. The residue, like hard water stains will become more difficult to clean if you let it sit on porous surface.

While we keep our shower steamer squares natural without coloring, they may be less colorful then say a  $6-$8 bath bomb that you can only use once, when you consider that a shower steamer square can be used more than once in the shower at a considerably lower price than a one time use bath bomb, this tiny indulgence is definitely worth adding into your normal shower routine. 

If you are pregnant you should check with your doctor before using products with essential oils. Because the safety of essential oils have not been tested for animal use, you should consult with your veterinarian before using any essential oil aromatics around your household pets. 

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