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The Original AG Do Good Sponges

We tried out several versions before landing on our current version over a year ago. Our very first version incorporated untreated burlap instead of the loofah. Besides smelling terribly, the burlap sometimes decided to just fall apart, no matter how many times we reinforced the sponges inside and out. Our final version is durable enough to scrub and wash and then toss in the washing machine. As with all of our products, we use them in our own homes. 

We designed our Do Good Sponges as an alternative to not just the typical store bought sponge but also other compostable cellulose sponges or reusable sponges made with polyester filling or plastic outside netting. 

Polyester fill or string can shed toxic microfibers and is not biodegradable. If you are trying to avoid plastic, in your household cleaning products, you should also consider ruling out products made with polyester filling, plastic netting or polyester thread. 

Let's talk synthetic cellulose sponges, a great alternative to a synthetic sponge made with plastics and toxic materials that are not biodegradable. Cellulose sponges are made from wood pulp and combined with chemical softeners, sodium sulfate crystals, hemp fibers and sometimes dyes for coloring. They are biodegradable so they are sustainable but not always toxic free.

When making a switch to a plastic free alternative, we always recommend keeping an open mind. While you don't have to give up cleaning power, you do have to forgo some old ideas about what a great cleaning actually looks like. 

First off, clean means clean. Ideally a sponge you can machine wash will help keep your sponges clean, sanitized and ready to use. 

Our sponges are made from 100% linen that is made with European color dyes and are certified by Standard 100 OEKO -TEX and tested for over 100 harmful chemicals and toxins. We always use 100% Cotton thread because unlike polyester thread, cotton thread is biodegradable. The inside of the squishy is 100% natural cotton batting. Lastly the loofah scrubber. It is biodegradable and is an all natural vegetable fiber. 

Keep in mind, solid non toxic dish soap will not create loads and loads of bubbles. Linen is a highly absorbent material and will capture all the cleaning power but will not reveal the bubbles you are programmed to think makes you a cleaning master. Our do good sponges will not only provide a great clean, you can toss them into the washing machine with your normal load to give you a freshly sanitized sponge. 

Do good sponges are not just for the kitchen. You heard me right! Keep separate sponges on hand in your bathroom for your sinks and baseboards. Keep in your loo for your porcelain bowl and keep one under your sinks for baseboards. You can even keep a fresh loofah sponge in your shower for a light body exfoliant. Just remember it's not a good idea to use that same sponge to clean the house, keep it in the shower for body only. Our Do Good Sponges are truly multifunctional and washable without the plastic or polyester. 

When you decide to take the leap and make the switch, keep an open mind and pat yourself on the back. Doing good can take time and patience but you'll be so happy you did. 

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