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Is Natural Deodorant right for you?

If you told me, five years ago I'd be skipping around, singing praises about natural deodorant, I would have laughed. My mom started experimenting with a few recipes for the kids, bath bombs and salves for my son who has eczema and needed a safe and simple way to help with a few of his itchy, dry patches during allergy season. 

The more products she began to make, that included basic and all natural ingredients, I realized how unnecessary it is to use chemicals in many of our beauty products. Yes, I'm not entirely converted - we still use bleach from time to time and hair spray and even perfume on special occasions. So I haven't yet gone full rogue and stopped shaving my legs and suggested to my family we should live off the grid (yet). 

So natural deodorant? Full on hippy mode-maybe. Except, after doing a bit of research of why aluminum and chemicals in anti perspirant are not exactly beneficial for us I decided, why not give it a go? I started with Native because, well to be honest, I was at Target one night to entertain my kids during summer break. Yes, I do that too! And there it was, conveniently staring at me, the native deodorant in it's minimalistic packaging, waiting for me to switch over. Native is aluminum and paraben free and uses baking soda to absorb sweat. I was about 7 days in before realizing the reason I was craving kabobs was because I was walking around smelling like sauteed onions. Oh my. Meanwhile, I was regretting the decision to make this switch during the month that I was moving into our new shop space. Climbing up and down ladders, painting and stocking shelves, um sweat wasn't my only issue - the onion smelling armpits was what was making me question this switch, I decided to embark on. 

Months later, I'm now using our house natural deodorant and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Yes, I still sweat, no it's not out of control. Occassionally, if I know I'm going to be in full sun and at an outing where a bit of sweat will bother me, I'll mix in a small swipe of a heavier traditional deodorant. But my normal day to day routine includes our all natural goodness. It's cream without being bulky or sticky. It's got a sweet and citrus scent and we'll always make sure we have it stocked, ready for you to bring home!

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