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Love is Love

Happy Pride Month! 

If you've followed along our journey, you'll know my family danced folklorico dance, growing up there was always a costume project hanging from the sewing machines in our house. My dad was not an excption, one of my fondest memories with him is going to the fabric store, when I was 8 years old, picking out fabric and sewing capri pants together, to go with my Madonna styled ensemble. 

My dad came out to me when I was a Junior in High School, a year after my parents divorced. In my mind, my response to him was, well duh? I guess it was something I knew, long before he was ready to tell me.

The turmoil he went through, my mom went through, our family experienced, all because he was born in an era and environment where he was made to feel ashamed.  He tried to conform to who he thought he had to be, in the end he was who he was. 

Love, is love


In memory of my dad, for this month we are featuring a special collection of colors for our handsewn squishy do good sponge. 


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