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Why We Think Circular Design Is Important For The Planet

First things first, what is circular design? Circular design is a mode of design that believes products should have lasting lifetimes and aim not to end in waste or landfill. Circular design is a proactive solution to global warming and climate change. As written by the Sustainability Guide:

“Biological material therefore consists of non-toxic, clean feeds and technical materials are designed to be a resource to be used industrially again. The goal is to throw nothing away and to reduce the need for purchasing new commodities, while production and transportation is best achieved with renewable energy.”

While everyone tries their best every year ditching plastic straws and opting for more eco-friendly alternatives for their everyday lives, the most major positive impact happens when entire industries adopt more eco-friendly practices. When we all think about the lifecycle of an item and can we choose to repurpose that same item. 

At Ardent Goods we’ve incorporated circular design into our entire business model. We create products that aim to reduce waste as much as possible. Choosing non-toxic all natural ingredients has always been our main priority, and we’ve kept to that standard by using essential oils, carcinogen-free fragrance oils, botanicals and other nourishing natural ingredients. Our Do Good Sponges are entirely biodegradable, our candles are created in reusable containers and our solid dish soaps are made in containers that are meant to be refilled. We also choose packaging that is recyclable or biodegradable, and plastic free.

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