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The Team


Jill of All Trades

Head of Product


Queen Bee, Mom and Grandma

Head Maker + Sewist


Think Big Officer, Husband

Strategic Partnerships, Media + Advertising


Made with Love Specialist

Artisan Maker


Online Retail Maven and Juki Serger Star

Fulfillment Specialist and Sewist


Shower Steamer Black Belt

Artisan Maker


Little Suzy Creamcheese

Sewist and Enthusiast


Yep! (her answer to all of our asks)

Packaging, Assistant Maker

The Kids

The Oldest

Content Writer, Pattern Cutter...Volunteer

The Middle

Labeler, Fold This, Cut that, Stuff That..Intern

The Youngest

Candle Sniff Tester

HQ stories

A day at the warehouse

The day begins when Johna arrives, she's the early bird. Next, Carole and so the making begins. In comes Rina and the revving of the sewing machines begin. Iris is the shipping and fulfillment superstar. Kathy jumps in to help with packaging and making. Angel is our shower steamer black belt, making them fresh weekly. Melting and mixing, sewing machines roaring, Johna and Carole giggling. Johna yelling at Sha or Christina because they forgot to order Essential Oil again. Iris ripping through orders and Christina jumping between too many tasks at once. Sha leaves to pick up the youngest and the middle schooler walks to the warehouse after school, ending the day. We love what we do, love who we do it with and get to do it again the next day.