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Gift Guide 2020: 15 Surprises for the Eco-Minded Aesthete

Why we use linen

Linen was found in a prehistoric cave in Georgia (the country) providing evidence that woven linen fabrics from wild flax were used some 36,000 years ago. Linen was so valued in ancient Egypt that...

Shopify vs. Square

Woo Hoo, we have our journal back. Why oh why did it go away? Well when we expanded our online offering to a brick and mortar last year we decided...

Packaging and COVID-19

With all of our sales coming from online sales, local drop off and shipped, we've updated packaging of our compostable body balm containters with plastic containers. 

Is Natural Deodorant right for you?

The more products she began to make, that included basic and all natural ingredients, I realized how unnecessary it is to use chemicals in many of our beauty products. Yes,...